This is me
When you are trying to be creative it's like putting yourself out there for the world to see. It was quite scary, to say the least, when I was standing for the first time in a market selling our stuff. Everything is handmade by me and my husband. I wanted to start this adventure and he of course supported me all the way - up to the point that he nows spends a lot of time building for LamaLove!
I went to law school and as soon as I graduated I moved to New Zealand because of my husband. Soon after we started a family and life became a roller coaster. We've moved a little bit around New Zealand and I have been able to go back to Peru, which is where I am from, quite often. 
It has been really nice to be able to be a stay home mum - now of 2 little ones! - but I also wanted to do something for myself - this is how LamaLove started.